Crystal ball incense stick holder with bespoke mirror glass plate

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Complimented with 40 pieces of handmade sage lavender incense sticks

Wooden box : 29cm x 29cm x 11cm/ weight: 3.75 kg



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4 reviews for Crystal ball incense stick holder with bespoke mirror glass plate

  1. SUE ( Adelaide )

    I recently received this gorgeous thoughtful unique Life gift box , the beautifully packaged black lacquered box opens to reveal the crystal ball incense holder. glass mirrored 4 leaf clover plate and handmade lavender and sage incense sticks. The fragrance invites a relaxing calmness and it’s mesmorising to focus on what a beautiful unique gift.

  2. TONKA ( South Australia )

    It was different Box this year , than other years before.My family gave me very special gift. Big black box with beautiful ribbon and 3 words You Are Unique. Wow! nice decorative and very unusual piece of energy reading mirror and crystal ball with incense sticks.One of the reason to relax and enjoy purify air around me

  3. KATE ( Adelaide )

    So excited to receive the unique life gift box from a dear friend last week ! This product is beautifully presented in an exquisite black lacquered box that holds a mirrored 4 leaf clover plate crystal ball incense holder and handmade sage and lavender incense sticks. It also comes with a little booklet to help you explore and understand the intuitive . Cleansing and calming benefits of burning this special sage incense . Such a wounderful way to unwind relax and focus on me.

  4. LINDA ( Adelaide )

    I received one of these stunning pieces as a gift and it’s beautiful. The quality and attention to details are really impressive and I love the invitation to be still and connect with my true self. It has been such a special way to honor my self care intentions for 2021 . Thank You !

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We all are thinking about


Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to everyday life experience. We are pushed and pulled in all directions from work, friends, family, and society. How often do we take time out to focus on ourselves and find our identity?


Action is the key to success and UNIQUE LIFE encourages you to focus on your wellbeing, happiness, and own meaning of SUCCESS. Open your own PRESENT Crystal Ball Incense Sticks Holder with bespoke mirror glass plate.

Unique – Healing – Inspiring
“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”

How to use uniqueLife four leaf clover?

  • Gently open cover of the box and carefully remove your uniqueLife four leaf clover plate.
  • Place the crystal ball in the middle of the plate and place one incense stick into the crystal ball.
  • Light the sage incense stick.
  • Clear your mind and feel your emotions, focus on your goals, mistakes and concentrate on your success.

As your incense stick is burning, clear your mind, relax and observe. The UNIVERSE will guide the ashes to drop, over the area on which you must focus. Focus is the key to productivity because clearing your mind to every other option unlocks your ability to accomplish the one thing that is left. ENJOY IT

4 steps to reach your unconditional success.

Just as a caterpillar emerges as a beautiful butterfly, humans too experience metamorphosis several times in our lives. Not physically but psychologically. Any transition requires you to focus on your own identity. Cocoon yourself with Unique Life and allow this beautiful creation to encourage you on your journey to self-Identity….

Feel your EMOTION. Recognise them. How do you want to feel? Consider your GOALS. What do you really want in your life? Understand that during this process we all make MISTAKES. Still not there? Pause and CONCENTRATE. Concentrate all your energy on you and enjoy your journey to SUCCESS

This beautiful and unique product is suitable for home decoration, unique gift for anyone you love, designed for relaxation, stress relief, peace of mind, yoga, meditation, dispel of negative energy, cleaning and purifying the air. It is yours, a timeless “clock” to focus on your life energy…

ARE YOU curious enough to discover

  • SURPRISE with amazing gift for any occasion, to tell your loved one: YOU ARE UNIQUE
  • DECORATE your beautiful house to be cozy and comfortable with TIMELY art decoration
  • BECOME the winner over daily most used “dictionary” – angry, busy, lonely, unhappy, empty
  • PROVE your unlimited life energy – assure you can avoid pain and gain pleasure
  • CHANGE everyday stress to valuable action – you are important, special, and needed
  • FIND peace of your mind, feel safe, welcome, engage and alive
  • DISCOVER your identity, learn to free yourself from unwanted memories, objects, people
  • DISPEL negative energy, cleaned, and purify your air